7 Holiday Gift Ideas Your Pet Care Clients will Love in 2019

They've got our numbers favorited in our phones; we care for their beloved pets like they're our own; we've even got the keys to their houses! Sometimes our clients and their dogs and cats end up feeling more like family than customers. We appreciate them, love their animals, and want them to know it. Christmas, Valentine's Day, and birthdays are fun opportunities to show we're thinking of our loyal clients. Whether you're gifting your top spenders, longtime patrons, or entire roster, here are the best gift ideas for dog walker and pet sitter clients in 2019.

Greyhound dog in a santa hat
Santa Paws to the rescue

1) Free Dog Walks or Services

Everyone loves a freebie! If they're already booking your services on a regular basis, gifting your clients a free dog walk or discounted pet sitting for Christmas or the holiday season is a guaranteed home run. A great option when you're low on funds but can afford to give the gift of time, free services also make excellent birthday and pet care anniversary gifts.

2) Personalized Photo Gift

Custom dog ornament gift

Do you receive kudos and positive feedback when you text a smiling photo of your client's dog to them on your walks together? If you've got the photography skills, chances are good that a personalized photo book or Christmas ornament will go over well with your fur client's proud mom or dad. Snapfish has a creative collection of holiday cards, calendars, mugs, and more that you can customize with your favorite pictures of your photogenic animal clientele.

3) Custom Pet Face Socks

custom bulldog face blue socks

Is your client's sense of style outmatched only by her sense of humor? These custom pet face socks from Etsy are possibly the most ideal pet gift ever created. It's a challenge knowing just how much to spend on your pet care customers for the holidays without going too over-the-top, and these socks are the perfect blend of casual and thoughtful.

4) Pet Toys

Having a pet care provider who loves and spoils your pet as much as you do is often the best gift a client can ask for. Keeping it simple with a fun kong toy for their dog or some catnip and a stuffable mouse for their cat can be a special and memorable gesture.

5) Customized Pet Treat Jar

personalized pet treat jars

How cute are these one-of-a-kind treat jars? Grab one from Etsy or DIY it with a trip to the craft store for some puff paint. Or for a more Christmas-y approach, decorate a custom pet stocking your clients can hang on their mantels. And don't forget to stuff your gift with a bag of their pet's favorite soft chews or jerky. Prepare to become the number one dog walker in the hearts of each and every pet (and their humans) on the receiving end of this tasty holiday present.

6) Baked Goods

dog looking up at a cookie on the counter

Maybe your canine clients are already living the good life with their own private, alphabetically-organized treat pantry. In that case, take the opportunity to treat your human clients for the holidays. Hit the craft store for some dog-themed cookie cutters, and bake up some festive, paw print- or cat-shaped sugar cookies. Play with different frosting color combinations to customize your cookies for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or birthdays.

7) Winter Dog Hoodie or Pet Supplies

If it gets chilly where you run your dog walking business, a nice, cozy dog sweater may be the present your client is most excited to receive. And you know first hand if Fido gets chilly during your winter walks and whether the jacket he got for his birthday five years ago is starting to tear at the seams. Here's our favorite snuggly find from Amazon, pictured.

But maybe he's got already got a sweater for every day of the week, or you live in a warm climate. Is his leash wearing out? Has his favorite food bowl recently begun to crack or chip? Use your close vantage point to your clients' pet supplies to make a note of everyday items they may want or need. And when in doubt, no one will turn up their snout at the gift of extra poop bags.